Procurement Policy

Aichi Steel is looking for excellent raw materials, materials, equipment and components needed in the manufacture of specialty steel, Forged Products and Electro-Magnetic Products gathered from all over Japan and around the world.

We hope that this website can provide procurement information to companies wanting to business with us as well as opportunities for open and fair business partnerships and mutual understanding of results as we grow together with new partners.

Procurement Policy

1. Global and open fair trading
Aichi Steel provides procurement information both domestically and internationally as well as opportunities for open and fair trading.
We will review all our business dealings and make a comprehensive judgement based on quality, technology, cost, and timeliness, while also considering the health of management and orientation/systems towards ongoing improvement.
2. Mutual development based on mutual trust
Careful communication with our suppliers builds and maintains trust as a base for growing with our business partners as the basic posture for efforts for shared results.
3. Legal compliance
We comply with laws and regulations related to our procurement activities and take care to manage the confidential information of our partners.
4. Green procurement efforts
Since the establishment of our Environmental Charter in 1996, in every stage of our business activities we consider environmental conservation and make ongoing efforts at improving our environmental conservation activities.As part of these efforts, in 2003 we also established Green Procurement Guidelines. We give priority in purchasing from suppliers that are actively working on environmental conservation efforts and purchase products with the lowest environmental impact possible.

Procurement Organization

Procurement Division
  • No.1 Procurement Office
    • Raw materials
  • No.2 Procurement Office
    • Roll/casting
    • Equipment
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Other
  • Aiko Service Co., Ltd.
    • Materials