Identifying priority issues (materiality) at the Aichi Steel Group

Aichi Steel Group succeeds only with the understanding and cooperation of all of its stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, our local communities, our shareholders and our employees. To make an even greater contribution to achieving a sustainable society, Aichi Steel Group believes it should conduct its business with an understanding of its impact on society, particularly with regards to certain important aspects. As a result, we have identified six issues, which we refer to as the "Priority issues (Materiality) for Aichi Steel Group," as issues we should address through our business activities.

Identification Process

Based on our Basic CSR Policy and CSR Action Plan, Aichi Steel selected a number of important items, referencing both the ISO 26000 standard and the GRI Sustainable Reporting Guidelines. These were plotted on an X-axis (for their importance from Aichi Steel's viewpoint) and a Y-axis (for their importance as seen by society).

Materiality Analysis Map

The 16 selected items were each categorized in one of six groups, including (1) Compliance, (2) Human Resource Development and Corporate Culture, (3) Products, (4) Community Involvement, (5) the Environment, and (6) Finances, and these categories were identified as "Priority issues for Aichi Steel Group."

Items selected as priority issues