The Aichi Steel Group approaches Corporate Social Responsibility as a prerequisite for good governance, and as the foundations for long-term stable growth. We practice CSR management to gain trust from all our stakeholders, and to contribute to sustainable development of society and the planet, through the establishment of our Long-term CSR Vision and the implementation of our Annual CSR Plan.

The “Aichi Steel Action Guidelines” were established in 1998, and then in order to expand them to the entire Aichi Steel Group in 2007, the “Aichi Steel Group Action Guidelines” for global management were defined and became the foundation for the CSR management of the Aichi Steel Group as a whole.

CSR promotion system

In March 2018, the CSR Committee was abolished. CSR activities are considered a natural part of management, so the Board of Directors, the Management Committee, the Corporate Planning Committee, and other committees discuss CSR activity policies, define CSR objectives, and review CSR activities.

CSR approach

CSR approach

※1 Aichi Way:Common values and codes of conduct to be followed by all employees of the Aichi Steel Group.

※2 Aichi Steel Group Action Guidelines:Practical guidelines that must be followed during business activities (revised in October 2013).