Our Vision

We will strive to make positive contributions to society by providing appealing products from global perspectives and based on our vibrant and trustworthy corporate qualities.

  1. We will strive to make a positive contribution to society with safe, appealing, and useful technology and products.
  2. We will pull together culture based on trust, reliability and the pursuit of excellence.
  3. We will be a good corporate citizen, ever mindful of our environmental responsibilities.

Philosophy System

Aichi Way

We established the Aichi Way as common values and codes of conduct for every Aichi Steel Group employee to follow in order to help us continue growing as a global company and improve our corporate value.

As a universal spiritual guide for our employees to use when making decisions and implementing actions at work, the Aichi Way is the foundation for every initiative we pursue, from raising awareness of compliance and contributing to local communities to providing our many competitive products.

Now and forever, we aim to remain a trusted company by following the spirit of the Aichi Way and continuing to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the global environment.

Aichi Way

Brand Slogan


In March 2020, we created our brand slogan. This is our declaration to society that we intend to become a company that expands the possibilities of manufacturing by adding value to materials, as the starting point, to evolve them into products and systems. The orange dots in the logo symbolize our commitment to using materials to support the future.

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