Measures to promote coexistence with nature

Basic policy

We understand the concept of COP 10 (tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity) and participate in activities to preserve biodiversity by promoting the structuring of an ecosystem network through public and private sector cooperation, and fostering next-generation individuals capable of working to preserve the earth's environment. We have been working on forestation and volunteer employee activities, and will continue with projects to protect the ecosystem.

Participation in All-Toyota Green Wave Project activities

Aichi Steel is participating in the All-Toyota Green Wave Project activities being implemented by the Toyota Group and other affiliated companies as part of efforts to coexist with nature. This project includes a range of activities to “connect communities toward harmony with nature.” We are undertaking activities that contributing to increased restoration of ecosystems by connecting people with other people and activities and linking habitats.

Yahagi River Bamboo Grove Maintenance (Activity of the All-Toyota Harmony with Nature Working Group)

Forestation to create a forest for beetles

Since fiscal 2012, we have been helping plant a broadleaf forest to create an environment in which beetles and other creatures can live their natural life cycles. We have been working with the Chita Peninsula Biodiversity Network Promotion Council and members of the Student Action Committee NPO to grow the trees. In fiscal 2017, we planted saplings provided by Toyoda Gosei as part of mutual engagement activities. In fall every year, we also hold a large “Forest 2” event where employees and their families participate in programs held in collaboration with other organizations and companies, nature craft activities, collecting acorns and growing seedlings.

  • Student Action Committee involved in nature craft activityStudent Action Committee involved in nature craft activity
  • Participating Aichi group employees and their familyParticipating Aichi group employees and their family

Forest-developing volunteers

Our company uses a large volume of water in the production of steel and supports the NPO "Green Challenger," which works to
develop forests in Nagano Prefecture, where the headwater for Aichi water originates. Volunteers have been recruited among
employees to work side-by-side with local residents in cutting and thinning work for forest cultivation twice per year since 2006.

  • Kiso Village, Nagano PrefectureKiso Village, Nagano Prefecture
  • Otaki Village, Nagano PrefectureOtaki Village, Nagano Prefecture