Quality improvement initiatives

Quality Learning Center

November has been designated Quality Month. We have opened a Quality Learning Center as a learning place for improving the quality of our work based on the concepts of “Customer First” and “Quality First.” We want every employee to be more conscious about quality, and to reconfirm the customer-first approach and the importance of observing rules, using failure case studies, actual experience and other methods to understand how quality problems impact our customers.

Awards for Group companies

A Volkswagen Polo GTI received as a supplementary prize in 2016

Shanghai Aichi Forging Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shanghai, China), an overseas subsidiary of Aichi Steel that produces a wide range of forged products, received both the 2015 Bronze Excellent Service Award and the 2016 Gold Excellent Service Award (top prize in the service category) from Shanghai Volkswagen. In 2017, it also received the Outstanding Quality Award from Shanghai Volkswagen for coming sixth in a field of 400 companies. Through these awards, the customer has recognized Shanghai Aichi Forging for its rapid and sincere after-sales service, its ability to flexibly meet logistics demands, and to meet urgent demands for increased production, the high net shaping rate and quality of its designs, and quality initiatives that have produced zero quality claims.

Collection of customer evaluations

Every year, we collect customer evaluations of Aichi Steel through a survey rating quality, delivery and service on a five-level scale. If any areas drop below standard, we implement initiatives the following year to improve those areas and improve customer satisfaction.

Number of
customers surveyed
78 offices

(All customers who were supplied with above a certain amount of steel materials and forged products)

Training programs for sales staff

We are focusing on sales education for new and younger staff members to develop essential sales skills through a rich basic curriculum including training from outside specialists. The true purpose of our program is to strengthen each person’s skills and also improve our sales management process.

5 programs per year

Total numbers of
(All new and younger staff members)