Aichi Steel Today

Manufacturing at Aichi Steel had its beginnings in specialty steel production. While carrying on this founding DNA, it has evolved into a wide range of businesses. Taking advantage of the technical capabilities we have cultivated, we are creating the products of choice for our customers.

Hagane Company

Based on our experience and technical capabilities in manufacturing specialty steels for over half a century, the Aichi Steel Group continues to evolve in pursuit of being number one in quality.

Net sales (FY2019)
82.8 billion yen
Main products

Carbon steels and alloys for machine structural use, steel with guaranteed hardenability for structural use, microalloyed steel, boron steel, spring steel, high carbon chrome bearing steel, etc.

Developed technologies
  • Development capabilities that have evolved with the accumulation of years of experience since foundation
  • High quality that contributes to automobile safety, refined through the belief that “Great cars are made with great steel.”
Market presence (FY2019)
Hot-rolled steel bars (alloys for structural use)
Share of Japanese production
No. 1 (25%)

Stainless Steel Company

As the leading manufacturer of stainless steel shapes in Japan, the Aichi Steel Group meets the various needs of the customers through large variety and small quantity production of over 4,000 products of different shapes and types.

Net sales (FY2019)
39.0 billion yen
Main products

Stainless steel shapes, round bars, deformed bars and titanium bars, and engineering of stainless steel construction

Developed technologies
  • Hot-rolling technologies of various shapes and dimensions accumulated over the years since producing Japan’s first hot-rolled stainless steel angle bar in 1958
  • Stainless steel building structure engineering technologies, including design partnership, plant production, and one site construction
Market presence (FY2019)
Stainless steel shapes and flat steel
Share of Japanese production
No. 1 (70%)

Kitaeru Company

Leveraging the strengths of integrated forging with steel making process, which enables in-house production of everything from steel material to forged products, the Aichi Steel Group is producing high value-added components that contribute to lighter, higher-performance automobiles.

Net sales (FY2019)
102.0 billion yen
Main products

Hot-cold-forged products and machined products (engine, chassis and drivetrain components, etc.)

Developed technologies
  • Ability to offer solutions using high quality products that leverage the strengths of integrated forging with steel making processes
  • World-class forging technologies that create highly functional, highly accurate products
Market presence (FY2019)
Production volume in Japan as a single forging plant
No. 1 (No. 3 globally)

Smart Company

The Aichi Steel Group is creating new businesses across five fields, from electronic components, magnets, dentistry and sensors, to iron fertilizers developed through knowledge of specialty steel manufacturing.

Net sales (FY2019)
14.8 billion yen
Main products

Electronic materials and components, anisotropic Nd-Fe-B bonded magnets (MAGFINE®), dental magnetic attachments, ultra-compact ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors (MI Sensors), iron fertilizers, etc.

Developed technologies
  • Practical ability to expand the possibilities of a smart society through new products that leverage steel making technologies
  • Unique technical capabilities able to contribute to a diverse range of customers
Market presence (FY2019)
Anisotropic Nd-Fe-B bonded magnets
Share of global production
No. 1 (40%)
Lead frames for EVs
Share of Japanese production
No. 1

Company Profile

Establishment March 8, 1940
Capital 25,016 million yen (as of March 31, 2021)
Representative Takahiro Fujioka, President
Employees 4,826 (Consolidated)/
2,733 (Non-consolidated) (as of March 31, 2021)
Business Description Production and sale of specialty steel products, forgings and electromagnetic products
Head Office Tokai City, Aichi Pref., Japan
Sales Offices Tokyo/Osaka/Fukuoka
Overseas offices Shanghai/Silicon Valley
Plants Chita/Kariya/Forging/Higashiura/Gifu/Seki/Electronic Components