Engine components

Crank shafts

Major equipment
4500T press line
6000T press line
6500T press line
Production capacity
2.4 million pcs/year


  • Incorporates our non-tempered steel developed to be highly machinable featuring low distortion and excellent cutting performance.
  • The twisted form and coining processes achieve superior weight balance and lighter weights.
  • Our products enable quality assurance in the forging line.
1. Range of manufacturable sizes
(1) Length: 735mm or less
(2) Counterweight width:165mm or less
(3) Weight: 48kg or less


  • Our forming technology makes superior balance possible,even using surface as forged counterweights, enabling reduction in center pore adjustment during machining processes performed by the customer.
  • Heat treatment can be eliminated. This contributes to energy savings, CO2 reductions and lower costs.
  • Our unbalance predictive technology can reduce balance machining for our customers.
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