Hot/cold composite forgings

Major equipment
[Hot Forging]
All line (3000T or less)
[Cold Forging]
600T press line
630T press line
800T press line
1200T press line
1500T press line
Production capacity
12 million pcs/year


  • Combining hot and cold forging reduces machining costs by simplifying or eliminating machining processes. For toothed forgings in particular, the teeth are formed and do not need to be machined.
  • Since the process is combined, the fiber flow of tooth is continuous and improving strength.
  • Improved surface roughness of the tooth shape gives superior contact with mating parts.
1. Dimensions [rectangle]

  • [rectangle]
    (1) External diameter 170mm or less
    (2) Height: 70mm or less

  • [Shafts]
    (1) External diameter 170mm or less
    (2) Height: 280mm or less


  • Components that needed to be assembled from multiple pieces in the past can be created as a single unit. Machining of teeth is eliminated, removing a major bottleneck in the production of various gears.
    (Especially effective for bottomed inner splines and difficult to machine rectangular teeth)
  • Tooth back thinning and forming of unneeded parts contributes to lighter parts.
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