H-shaped steel with guaranteed hardenability for structural use

Supported standards
JIS G4052
* SAE, ASTM and EN standards are also supported.
Names of steel types
SMn420H - SMn443H, SMnC420H - SMnC443H, SCr415H - SCr440H, SCM415H - SCM822H, SNC415H - SNC815H, SNCM220H - SNCM420H
Supported shapes
Round barsFlat bars


1. Types and chemical components

2. Features/applications


We provide steels responding to various needs of high strength, carburizing time reduction and alloy-savings.
(1) Improved gear fatigue strength enables higher-capacity, reduction in size, weight and component count of units .
(2) Reducing carburizing time allows the reduction of takt time, cost and CO2 emissions.
(3) Alloy-savings reduce resource risks and cost.

Major applications

Automotive/Truck: Variable gears, counter gears, differential gears, input/output shafts, inner/outer races
Construction machineries: Gears, pinions, cylinder shafts

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