Supported standards
* SAE, ASTM and EN standards are also supported.
Names of steel types
SVd40 - SVd53, SVd40K,SVdT20 - SVdT40, SVd25BS - SVd35BS, SVd25BM - SVd35BM, SVd45HT, SVd40ST, SVd15BX
Supported shapes
Round barsFlat barsAngle bars


  • These steels are designed to omit the heat treatment of parts produced by machining after quenching and tempering of rolled/hot forged parts.
  • These steels can be applied to induction hardened parts.
  • We provide a wealth of steel type variations.(Please consult with us for specifications not given below)
  • We have experience delivering to industries from automotive to construction machinery, industrial equipment and more.
  • Positioning of strength/toughness of microalloyed steel for direct machining
  • Positioning of strength/toughness of microalloyed steel for hot forging


Microalloyed steels have the specific characteristics as rolled /hot-forged and the following advantages:
(1) CO2 emissions can be reduced by by omitting heat treatment processes.
(2) Heat treatment (quenching and tempering) process cost can be reduced.
(3) Quenching torsion can be reduced and higher dimensional accuracy is expected.(Abbreviation or simplification of straightening processes)
(4) Takt time and amount of unfinished inventory can be reduced.

Major applications

Automotive/Truck: Crank shafts, accelerator shafts, torque tubes
Construction machinery: CVJ intermediate shafts, hydraulic cylinders, knuckles, torque shafts, rear shafts, piston rods, rollers, etc.

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