Gifu Plant Products

Each electric vehicle is equipped with an inverter that controls the power of the motor.
The lead frame is an essential component that provides efficient heat dissipation so that power modules in inverters can function stably.
We respond to customers’ requests with our high-precision press technology and plating technology that uses pure water.

Inverter for electric vehicleInverter for electric vehicle

Main Points of Electronic Component Manufacturing

Water Treatment Equipment
That Can Strictly Comply with Wastewater Standards
When water used in the plating process is discharged outside the plant, it is purified by water treatment equipment in the factory.
Since the Gifu Plant area has strict regulations on wastewater, we conduct continuous composition analysis and created a system with stricter discharge standards than the prefectural standards in consideration of the environment.
  • Water treatment equipment (1)Water treatment equipment (1)
  • Water treatment equipment (2)Water treatment equipment (2)
Total Inspection with Strict Standards in Clean Environment
We perform image inspection using a camera and visual inspection of all products to confirm the plating quality and whether any scratches or foreign matter are present.
  • Clean roomClean room
  • Image inspection equipmentImage inspection equipment
Carbon-neutral Model Plant
In fiscal 2021, we achieved carbon neutrality through the early introduction of carbon-neutral city gas and bidding for non-fossil certificates.
The manufacturing division began operating its first on-site solar power generation system in May 2023.
to Achieve

Production Flow

  1. 1. Press
    A rolled copper plate is set, straightened, and fed into a press. Products are processed by setting up multiple press processes in one mold.
    Pressed products are automatically put into the plating jig used in the next process.
    Key point
    • Materials with partially different thicknesses is used.
    • Materials are pressed 100 times per minute.
    • Presses are installed in soundproof box with high sound insulation and is quiet enough to allow normal conversation.

  2. 2. Plating
    The products in the plating jig are put into the plating line.
    First, surface oil stains are removed in a process called pretreatment.
    Next, the required parts are plated with nickel or gold depending on the product.
    Finally, finish the product for having a clean surface with few impurities by washing it with high-purity water.
    Key point
    • Pure water or ultrapure water, that is much cleaner than tap water, is used for final cleaning.
    • Using pure water or ultrapure water reduces impurities remaining on the product surface.
    • When there are few impurities, bonding in the customer’s process becomes stable.

  3. 3. Inspection
    In an automatic inspection line installed in a clean room, all products are inspected for scratches, plating unevenness, deposits, etc.
    Key point
    • We perform automatic inspection by image inspection for sensory inspection such as plating unevenness.

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