Summary of priority issues for the Aichi Steel Group

Aichi Steel Group has identified priority issues to be addressed through its business activities, and sets them out here, recognizing the involvement of the surrounding value chain and the Group's engagement with its stakeholders.

Main stakeholders and their estimated wishes

  • Customers
  • Shareholders/Investors
  • Suppliers
  • Public administrative authorities
  • Employees
  • Aichi Steel Group as a whole
  • Local community
  • Various supporting groups (cooperation with NPOs, NGOs, etc.)
  • Main engagement opportunities
  •  / 
  • Estimated expectations and wishes


  • Sales activities
  • Supplier groups, Kyohokai, etc.
  • Customer groups(Aikokai, Aishinkai)
  • Corporate website
  • Aichi Steel Report (this report)
  • Stable supply of products
  • Improvement in product quality and added value
  • Improvement in economic merit
  • Improvement in environmental performance


  • General meetings of shareholders
  • Meetings for presentation to investors
  • Various IR tools
  • Aichi Steel Report (this report)
  • IR website
  • Stable management and return of profit
  • Information disclosure


  • Procurement activities
  • Meetings for description of procurement policy
  • Supplier groups (Hokokai)
  • Equal and fair transactions
  • Management of labor safety

Public administrative authorities

  • Meetings for discussion with authorities
  • Contribution to educational activities
  • Promotion of employment
  • Payment of taxes
  • Contribution to the region and education


  • Labor-management negotiations and explanatory meetings
  • Various discussions
  • Various seminars
  • Portals for consultation and communication
  • Corporate website and intranet
  • Aichi Steel Report (this report)
  • In-house report
  • Stable management and return of profit
  • Improvement of labor conditions and creation of opportunities
  • Promotion of a good work-life balance
  • Human resource development
  • Management of labor health and safety
  • Fair assessment

Aichi Steel Group as a whole

  • Conference for promotion of consolidated management
  • Global meeting
  • Meetings for discussion by top-level executives
  • Provision of technology and know-how
  • Support for human resource development
  • Conditioning of production facilities and infrastructure

Local community

  • Community meetings
  • Participation in local community events
  • Social contribution activities
  • Information disclosure
  • Promotion of social contribution activities
  • Contribution to local communities
  • Environmental contribution
  • Maintenance and improvement of biodiversity

Various supporting groups (cooperation with NPOs, NGOs, etc.)

  • Communication with various groups
  • Support of activities
  • Promotion of social contribution activities

Engagement with stakeholders in the value chain