Initiatives toward diversity

Promotion of more active roles for women in the workplace

Aichi Steel considers the promotion of diversity to be an important part of its management strategy. As part of creating a more comfortable environment for women, we are strengthening measures to promote more active roles for women and have established a system for this. We proactively hire more female employees, setting goals for the percentage of female hires among regular university hires. We also run seminars aiming to spread understanding of how to promote active roles for women, as well as career design training for female employees and their bosses. In this way, we are advancing initiatives to support women in developing their skills.

Yuko Arai, Outside Director at Aichi Steel, giving a diversity seminar on promoting the participation of women, in front of an audience of many female employees, managers and directors
Career design and development, and management training, for female employees and their bosses Career design and development, and management training, for female employees and their bosses
A round-table meeting discussing work and careers with a small group and Yuko Arai, Outside Director A round-table meeting discussing work and careers with a small group and Yuko Arai, Outside Director

Percentage of
managers who are women
4 women (1.2%)

Percentage of
new graduates hired who are women
16 women (16%)

Childcare and nursing care support system

We have established the Nice Family System to support employees with childcare and nursing care, so that employees can choose to work in a way that matches their life stage. We are advancing the creation of a work environment in which employees can easily balance work and family.

Usage of the Nice Family System

Fiscal year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Child care leave
10 5 8 6 10
Shorter work hours
37 42 44 44 43
Others 1 2 3 1 1

*1: Number of new users during each fiscal year
*2: Number of users at the end of each fiscal year

Childcare support system

  • Childcare leave
  • Childcare special leave
  • Shorter work hours
  • Overtime work exemption for childcare
  • Nighttime work restriction for childcare
  • Reemployment system

Nursing support system

  • Nursing care leave
  • Nursing care special leave
  • Staggered work hours for nursing care (not applicable to flextime workers)
  • Overtime work exemption for nursing care
  • Nighttime work restriction for nursing care
  • Reemployment system

Promotion of employment for people with disabilities

We have employees with disabilities working in a range of workplaces, from our manufacturing sites to administrative divisions. We focus on providing support for continuous employment because it is important that they are able to continue working. Specifically, we are systematically training and allocating Vocational Life Consultants for Persons with Disabilities to provide general work advice to employees with disabilities, and Job Coaches to provide work-related coaching. In addition, we have also employed Certified Social Workers from fiscal 2017. With regular internal lessons aimed at developing the capabilities of people with intellectual disabilities as well, we are continuing our efforts to develop workplaces that suit individual capabilities, where all employees can enjoy working together.

Employment of people with disabilities

Fiscal year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Employees with
disabilities (persons)
44 47 48 48 52
Employment rate (%) 2.3 2.3 2.3 2.4 2.5
Achievement status
of the statutory
employment rate (%)
100 100 100 100 100
Intracompany seminar on work support measures for employees with intellectual disabilities. In addition to providing the knowledge required for working at Aichi Steel, these seminars are a good opportunity for people with disabilities to meet with other work colleagues with disabilities.

Post-retirement re-employment system

We have in place a Nice Senior System, which in principle allows all employees who wish to work after retirement to continue working until they begin receiving their pension. We also offer a career path, for those employees with advanced skills and a desire to work, to pass on their skills and offer guidance to younger employees. We are also implementing other measures to make Aichi Steel a great place for senior workers, including the creation of a work environment friendlier to senior employees and the reevaluation of compensation.


I am able to leverage my language ability and global mindset, as well as my understanding of Japan, when working on business contracts with foreign companies and future business expansion.

Mehari Abraham,
Senior Expert Engineer
Global Team, Planning & Administration Group
Hagane Business Management Div.
Hagane Company

Registrants for the Nice Senior System

Fiscal year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Nice Seniors
101 99 82 90 91

Those who are reemployed between the ages of 60 and 64 (as of the end of each fiscal year)