Promotion of CSR procurement

Global, open and fair transactions

We strive to provide all of our suppliers, at home and abroad, with procurement information and the opportunity for open, fair transactions.

Actual transactions are determined based on a comprehensive review of quality, technology, cost and delivery times, as well as soundness of management, approach to and structures for ongoing improvement, and other factors.

Mutual growth based on mutual trust

Our relationships with our suppliers based on building and maintaining relationships of trust through close communication, and a basic approach that calls for us to grow together with our business partners and share the fruits of our mutual efforts.

Legal compliance

We comply with all relevant laws and regulations related to our purchasing activities, and also carefully control the confidential information of our suppliers in accordance with our company rules.

Green procurement efforts

Since formulating the Aichi Steel Environmental Charter in 1996, we consider environmental conservation in all phases of our business activities, and work to achieve continuous improvements. In March 2017, we revised our Green Procurement Guidelines, which were established in 2003, to reflect changes in environmental laws and regulations, and customer demands and regulatory trends. We also work to purchase products with minimal environmental impact and prioritize purchases from suppliers engaged in proactive environmental conservation efforts.

In line with customer demands and regulations for managing chemical substances in products, we classify controlled substances as banned substances, conditionally banned substances, or restricted substances, and we advise our suppliers of the classifications.

When entering a new transaction, making changes to compositions or manufacturing methods, or adding relevant environmentally hazardous substances, we also request that suppliers submit a Report on Presence of Environmentally Hazardous Substances, we confirm they are not included and use alternative substances when necessary, and ensure they are not used.