Procurement Policy

Aichi Steel is looking for excellent raw materials, materials, equipment, and components needed in the manufacture of specialty steel, forged products, electronic functional materials and components, and magnetic products from all over Japan and around the world.

Applying to become a supplier/Reception for proposals

Procurement Policy

1. Global and open fair trading

Aichi Steel provides its potential suppliers with procurement information both domestically and internationally as well as opportunities for open and fair trading.
We review all our business dealings and make a comprehensive judgement based on quality, technology, cost, and timeliness, while also considering the health of management and orientation/systems towards ongoing improvement.

2. Mutual development based on mutual trust

Careful communication with our suppliers builds and maintains trust as a base for growing with our business partners as the basic posture for efforts for shared results. We announced the “Declaration of Partnership Building” in December 2020.

3. Legal compliance

We comply with laws and regulations related to our procurement activities and take care to manage the confidential information of our partners.

4. Green procurement efforts

Since the establishment of our Environmental Charter in 1996, in every stage of our business activities we consider environmental conservation and make ongoing efforts for improvement. As part of these efforts, in 2003 we also established Green Procurement Guidelines. We give priority in purchasing from suppliers that are actively working on environmental conservation efforts and purchase products with the lowest environmental impact possible.

Green Procurement Guidelines

Procurement Categories

Raw Materials


Scrap iron, stainless steel scrap, pig iron, reduced iron, iron carbide, high-nickel scrap

Iron alloys, non-ferrous metals

Nickel, ferrochrome, ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferromolybdenum, silicon manganese, molybdenum trioxide, lead ball, ferrovanadium, copper strips, neodymium alloys

Auxiliary materials

Quicklime, aluminum dross (20%, 30%), light burnt dolomite, fluorite, lime, carburizer (CDQ coke, etc.)


24", 20", 14"

Flame retardants

Ladle brick, runner brick, CC brick, AOD brick, RH brick, porous brick, SN brick, IN brick, LN brick, EF brick, irregular shape (gunning materials, TD coatings, mortars, casters)

Thermal insulation

Heat-retaining boards, insulating sleeves, coatings, casting powders, ladle insulation, samplers, fibers


L/SA heavy oil, kerosene, light oil, gasoline


Propane, LNG, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, acetylene


Operating oils, gear oils, quenching oils, greases, lubricants, heat treatment oils, cutting oils, plastic working lubricants


Stainless steel, spring steel, construction steel


Chemical industrial chemicals

Industrial chemicals, reagents, inspection chemicals, paint solvents, oil products, waste fluids, flaw detection chemicals, water treatment chemicals, plating solution

Grinding materials

Grinding materials, grindstones, abrasive paper, abrasives, steel shot

Welding materials

Welding rods, welding wires, welding materials

Packing materials

Wood products, packing materials, labels, bundling materials, sheets, bags

Construction materials

Lumber, construction tools, furnishings, annealing materials

Civil engineering materials

Aggregates, cements, exterior materials

Office supplies

Stationary, furniture and fixtures, ledgers, printed articles, record paper, tapes, films

Safety supplies

Protective tools, clothing, signs, disaster prevention equipment, medical and pharmaceutical goods, safety goods, cleaning equipment



Drive transmission components

Belts, steel belts, clutches/brakes, chains, gears, axles, joints, transmissions, wheels

Water supply equipment

Pumps, pump parts, valves, custom pipe parts

Pneumatic / hydraulic equipment

Pumps, pump parts, pneumatic/hydraulic devices, compressors, cylinders, valves, custom pipe parts

Electrical equipment

Electrical distribution equipment, drive systems, communication/broadcast equipment, lighting equipment, wiring materials, control devices, home appliances

Tools, devices

Cutting tools, working tools, electrical tools, pneumatic tools, construction equipment, conveyance tools, electrical tools, measuring tools

Common equipment components

Connecting parts, springs, gaskets/seals, hoses, common piping parts

Rolling mill rolls

Rolling mill rolls, straightener rolls, custom rolls

Ingot cases

Casting dies, top plates


Steelmaking equipment

Electric furnaces, degassing equipment, refining equipment, preheating equipment, alloy charging equipment, powder conveyor equipment, dust collection equipment

Continuous casting equipment

Tundishes, molding equipment, cutting equipment, conveyor equipment

Heating equipment

Heating furnaces, soaking furnaces, preheating equipment, induction heating equipment, combustion equipment

Rolling Equipment

Rolling machines, cutting machines, cooling machines, changing equipment

Purifying equipment

Levelers, defect removing equipment, cutting equipment, binding machines, packing machines, stamping machines, cutting machines

Heat treatment equipment

Annealing furnace, quenching/tempering furnaces, normalizing furnace, vacuum furnace

Machining equipment

Drawing equipment, grinding equipment, cutting equipment, surface treatment equipment, joining equipment, EDM, electrolytic equipment

Descaling equipment

Acid bath equipment, drying equipment, wastewater treatment equipment, exhaust gas treatment equipment, acid recovery facilities, shot blasting equipment, degreasing equipment

Forging equipment

Cutting machines, forging hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, upsetters, rolling mills, forging roll mills, mold lubricant equipment, mold staging equipment

Conveyor equipment

Conveyors, powder conveyors, roller blocks, packing equipment, pallet staging equipment

Transport equipment

Trucks/dump trucks, load luggers, forklifts, carts, cranes, robots

Inspection equipment

Flaw detectors, curve detectors, length gauges, CMM, hardness measuring tools

Utility equipment

Boilers, compressors, water treatment equipment, sludge treatment equipment, compressed gas devices, fuel gas devices

Electrical instrumentation

Substation facilities, control equipment, measurers, analyzing devices

Environmental conservation equipment

Dust collectors, atmospheric measurement equipment, wastewater treatment equipment, sludge treatment equipment, vibration prevention equipment, waste treatment equipment


Civil engineering, construction, etc.

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Maintenance

Steelmaking equipment, milling equipment, conditioning equipment, forging equipment, conveyor equipment, utility equipment

Reinforcing part production/machining

Can making, cladding/thermal spraying, casting, gun metal

Manufacturing Outsourcing

Manufacturing Outsourcing

Steel peening/centerless grinding/drawing, die forging, cogging, heat treatment, molds, bolster, jigs, tools, press work, plating

Flow from proposal to start of business

Figure: Flow from proposal to start of business

Applications/proposals related to procurement

Please submit the "Applying to become a supplier/Reception for proposals" form to apply to become a supplier or to make a proposal for material procurement.

Applying to become a supplier/Reception for proposals