About Aichi Steel

When was Aichi Steel established?

Aichi Steel was established in March 1940.

What is your management policy?

Please see the Management Policies on this website.

About financial and business performance

How can I find out about the latest financial information?

Please see the Investor Relations Library for more financial information.

What materials are available for finding out more about your business performance?

Please see the Investor Relations Library for more business performance information.

How can I find out more about past business performance?

Past business performance can be viewed in the Business highlights under Financial/business information and highlights.

Can I see Aichi Steel’s Securities Reports?

Please see the Investor Relations Library for our Securities Reports.

About Aichi Steel shares

What is Aichi Steel’s ticker symbol?

Aichi Steel is listed as 5482 on stock exchanges.

How many shares are sold as a unit?

Shares are sold in units of 100 shares.

When is the date for determining shareholders for payment of dividends?

March 31 and September 30 for end of term and mid-term dividends, respectively. Changes in dividends can be viewed when announced under Return to Shareholder on the Stock informationpage.

Is there a benefit plan for shareholders?

We currently have no shareholder benefit plan.

Who should I contact for procedures related to shares such as transfer of name, change of address or inheritance?

Please contact the Transfer Agent Department, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.

1-1, Nikko-cho,Fuchu-shi,Tokyo 183-0044,Japan
Tel:+81(120)232-711 (Hours:9:00 to 17:00, not available on weekends or holidays)

Please note

Please note that all the current plans, strategies and judgments of our Company that are posted on this website, and which are not historical facts, represent our forecasts for future performances, etc., based on the currently available information, assumptions and own judgment, and thus they may include risks and uncertain factors. Please understand, therefore, that the earnings that will be publicly announced in the future may differ significantly from these forecasts due to a great variety of factors.

The matters described on this website are intended to enable you to understand our Company's financial and management information only, and the information is not intended to solicit your investment in any way. When you make any investment, please make such an investment based solely on your own judgment.