Top Commitment

Photo: President Takahiro Fujioka

Contributing to a sustainable planet and society as a professional group that has a mission for the future and serves the world and people

Ever since our founding, Aichi Steel, as a materials manufacturer, has engaged in business supporting the automotive and other industries by supplying products and technologies beneficial to customers. Moreover, we have contributed to the development of a sustainable society as a resource-recycling company producing high-quality specialty steels using steel scrap as the primary material.

Going forward as well, our aim is to achieve sustained growth by continuing to be beneficial to the world and to people. As a professional group that accurately grasps the changing needs of customers and capitalizes on our strengths in material development and our technological prowess in turning this development into products, we will continue our efforts to practice sustainability management toward the solution of environmental and social issues.

In particular, our response to the problem of climate change is an important management issue for Aichi Steel, which positions the steel industry as one of our core businesses. Therefore, we are promoting activities toward the goals of reducing CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 (compared with the 2013 level) and realizing carbon neutrality in 2050. In addition to conventional energy saving, initiatives like new technological development, equipment installation, and a switch to clean energy represent enormous challenges, including both the cost and technological aspects. But precisely for this reason, we believe there are business opportunities here too. Our policy as a company is to strive for growth by earnestly facing up to carbon neutrality from both perspectives.

To realize ambidextrous management, which means achieving steady growth by not only maintaining and expanding existing businesses but also creating new businesses, it is important for Aichi Steel to contribute through our business activities to the solution of social issues, including climate change. For this purpose, we are actively promoting the strengthening of human capital, such as the bolstering of human resource training and the ensuring of diversity, and investment in intellectual capital. In addition, rather than trying to go it alone, we are endeavoring to maintain and strengthen relations of trust with a variety of stakeholders and accelerating activities through cooperation with them.

In the present uncertain times, when it is so difficult to predict the social and economic future, it is vital to always foresee changes and respond with a sense of speed. Armed with a mission for the future, Aichi Steel is committed to creating value that is beneficial to the world and to people and contributing to the sustained development of our planet and society.

Chairman Takahiro Fujioka

President Naohide Goto