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When using this website, the following actions are prohibited.

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Documents and other content

ASC makes no warranties regarding the content of documents or their content made available on this website. ASC shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for mistaken content, if any, in the website.

Note that the information given in the documents in the website are subject to change without notice.

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Other company names or product names given are the trade names, brands or registered trademarks of the company. With regard to individual contents, when individual brands are indicated, or when linked from contents thus indicating, the specific information prevails.

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Content of third party non-ASC websites (hereinafter, “linked websites”) linked to from this website, or that contain links to this website are the responsibility of the operator of the website and not under the management of ASC. Please use linked websites according to the use conditions indicated on the linked website. ASC bears no responsibility whatsoever for the content, use or damages arising therefrom of linked sites.

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